Solar Cookers


Solar cookers come in all shapes and sizes. The one thing, they have in common, is that they are able to concentrate the sunlight onto one spot, where the pot sits and heat this spot so that food is cooked, water is boiled and bread is baked.

It is amazing, but all this happens without electricity or fire or expensive materials. A cardboard solar cooker is one of the cheapest things to manufacture, but with a massive benefit on people’s lives.


Many women and children often have to stray far into the bush to collect firewood. This can be dangerous, especially in war zones and where wild animals are. Also, inhaling smoke from fires and cookers can be damaging to lungs and eyes, as well as a fire hazard in the house. Food is thoroughly cooked and water boiled, which reduces the risk of disease, a big factor in Africa.

Because of its simple design, a solar cooker needs no maintenance and can last for a very long time.

Solar Cooking

Many parts of rural Africa are dry and  arid. Therefore firewood is often scarce. Children and women often have to walk for hours to collect firewood. This is potentially dangerous, especially when they are living in a war zone, like in Chad.

But a small, cardboard solar cooker can change it all…

Donate One Now – 20 Euro Donates one Cooker

· Fuel free preparation of food

· Reduced health hazards

· Safe food through thorough cooking

· Easy way to sterilize water

· No maintenance

· Easy to use