Solar Pumping Systems


Advanced PV panels with a high efficiency deep well pump to pump water to the surface in remote places. A combination of panels and pump is a reliable source of water without fuel dependency, high maintenance costs and frequent breakdowns.

The system can be used to supply fresh and clean drinking water, irrigation water for the production of food and for livestock of local people. Often it can replace unreliable systems and improves living conditions for local inhabitants greatly.

Because the pumping system works sustainably, flawlessly, silently and reliably , it is the future of water supply in remote areas in warm and sunny climates.

Pumping systems can bring big savings to communities in terms of low maintenance and zero fuel consumption.

In parts of the world, where fetching water is the daily chore of every child and boiling it is the chore of every woman, especially where fuel for the fire is precious, solar pumping systems can change people’s lives dramatically.

Water is essential for any form of life, especially in Africa. Many people and animals rely on wadis or other unreliable sources of water. The lucky ones have a permanent deep borehole, but water supply can be an issue with old and inefficient generators and pumps.

Solar panels can be used to power a pump, to provide water for villagers and livestock.




A whole system includes

· SQFlex pump
· Wire Kits for solar modules
· Switch box
· PV solar panels
· Controller unit

How it works

In order to pump a continuous supply of water, high efficiency PV panels are delivering the necessary power output. These panels can be inter-connected to create a multi panel system, depending on well depth, pump size and required water flow.  This ensures as little maintenance as possible and smooth running performance.

PV panels can be mounted some distance from the well location and feed the pump via an underground cable. Therefore, different pump sites can be linked and fed from one larger array of solar panels, which can be safely placed together, i.e. in a fenced area.

This system can be suitable for community taps, schools, public buildings, i.e. medical dispensaries, cattle troughs, even for water holes in game reserves.